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When the size of your photos is important, you frequently have to sacrifice their quality. But you don't have to make this sacrifice with Onlinetools Image Resizer! You can resize your images and pictures without affecting their quality. Onlinetools Image Resizer does not require the installation of any additional software on your computer to function..

Why should you resize your images?

  • It speeds things up: the larger the image file size, the longer it can take a load a page.
  • It benefits Search Engine Optimization (SEO): properly sized (and named) image files help your website’s search engine performance.
  • It looks professional: properly sized images give your business a polished look.

How can I reduce my image's file size online?

One method is to compress the image, which reduces file size without requiring resizing. Image quality will deteriorate as compression is increased and more data is lost. Another option is to resize your photo, which reduces the number of pixels required to store the image. Image quality does not suffer when image size is reduced, though minor details may be lost.

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